All About Mens Wedding Rings

Whether we base the talk on religion or tradition, wedding rings have become a requirement now for a wedding ceremony. Rings are symbolism of the love that the couple share with each other and it also symbolizes their vows and the promise that they will stay married for the rest of their lives.

A wedding ring is traditionally placed on the left ring finger, where, according to the ancient Egyptians and Romans, the Love Vein is said to flow to the heart. This is just a romantic notion, though, for science has now proven there is no Love Vein. During the early times, rings were not used to symbolize marriage. This was a representation of a man's wealth. Rings were only known to symbolize marriage during the World War II. This was due to the reason that many soldiers were sent overseas and they acknowledged a wedding ring, just like women have, will help connect them to their women whom they love and stay committed to.

Wedding rings and wedding bands are synonymous to each other. These rings can be made of stainless steel, white gold, yellow gold and many more. These rings are hardened by adding copper and silver or tin. In the market today, the most popular wedding rings are made of titanium and platinum. These three types have different weight and different prices. The disadvantage is that these rings can be very expensive compared to others and heavier than gold.

Designs for mens wedding rings are still universally simpler compared to womens. It is because men are less inclined to want "drama" when dressing up or wearing accessories. Choosing this type of ring should focus first on the personality and lifestyle of the wearer. An outgoing husband would surely prefer a plain, simple wedding band. A husband who is more concerned about style would probably appreciate a designed or patterned band. Ring edges may be polished, knurled, or have a milgrain. Bands may be wholly flat or they might have a center canal called inset band. The inset band may be filled with another metal like 18K gold.

These days, the designs of men's wedding rings have become anything but simple. Designers are coming up with intricate designs. Whatever the design, mens wedding bands can now be as exciting as those of women's.

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