Pink Wedding Cakes

Pink is one of the most beloved colors of brides everywhere. Few colors send the message of sweetness and romance better than pink. Feminine and just plain pretty, brides love it. Yet, hues of this blushing color run the gamut, from the palest, almost white pink, to super-sassy hot pink – and all the variations can be featured in a variety of ways to make your wedding cake truly sensational.

Are you the type of bride that simply cannot get enough pink? Then consider enrobing your entire cake in pink fondant or buttercream. A pink wedding cake will usher in an elegant vibe to your reception, and will let your guests know that you are inspired by classic, understated beauty.

On the other hand, you might prefer the bold, fresh look of hot pink. While a pale pink cake would be beautifully trimmed with white piped icing, or accented with a soft green or right chocolate brown, an exciting hot pink cake would work well with black as an accent color. Or a snazzy, eye-catching color combination, like green and pink or orange and pink, might just be the thing for you.

Is too much pink too much? Then you might prefer pink as an accent on a cake that is otherwise all one color. Consider pink ruffles piped in buttercream around the base of your cake, or a pink bubble or pearl treatment all over the layers. If you like the bold colors, like fuchsia or magenta, fondant cutouts might be the way to go. A stunning cake might feature the latest technique of applying a damask pattern to a white cake in the shade of pink that you favor. A pink and black or brown monogram together with a fondant ribbon would serve to “wrap” your cake up as pretty as any wedding present.

Some couples prefer to leave the color off of the cake, opting for the traditional white or ivory wedding cake. If this is more your style, but you would still like to add a splash of color, consider getting creative with flowers or fruit. Pink flowers can enhance any wedding cake with grace and beauty. Popular choices include roses, peonies, lilies, orchids, and gerbera daisies. Another option would be to discuss with your cake artist the possibility of trimming your cake with fruit – but not real fruit; rather, fruits and leaves made out of gumpaste or marzipan. A number of fruits, from apples, to cherries, to raspberries, could be tinted with various shades of pink for a lovely effect.

If you love pink, then consider using it to decorate that centerpiece of your reception, your wedding cake. Whether you use a little or a lot of this color as you design your cake, you are sure to convey the romance of the day, even as you provide a delicious treat for your guests.

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