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Most of us know Imelda Marcos, former first lady of the Philippines, who is fond of collecting extravagant shoes. She has amassed countless shoes that any woman can ever wear in a month. But every woman must admit that deep inside her is an Imelda that craves for shoes, sandals and boots. It is the one thing that can make a woman feel complete. Shoes can make a woman feel like a queen. It's like eating a sumptuous meal without a tasty desert.

Shoes can make a woman feel more confident. Unfortunately, not all women can afford to buy all her dream shoes. This does not mean, though, that she can't buy a pair that will last a lifetime. Below are tips:

1. Quality- Shoes with the best quality usually come with a pricey tag and every cent you pay for high-quality shoes will be worth it. However, not all good shoes are pricey. And you can actually spot a good pair even from a distance. The first things you will probably notice are the style and color of the shoes. However, you have to take a closer look at the pair in order to check if it is of good quality. Check out its soles and heels to know if the footwear has been sewn well together.

2. Elegance- A good pair would mean that it would last for a very long time. And how the pair looks like will have an effect on the life span of the shoes. Choose "safe" styles. Don't buy shoes that have a very thin strap. Even if it is authentic leather, it may not able to handle the daily wear and tear. Buy a pair with neutral colors so that you can wear it with any outfit.

3. Price - Usually, a good pair may be expensive. But there are stores that hold clearance sales and they offer discounts to their loyal customers. If the store allows reservation, go for it. You can buy it once you get your pay.

Majority of women buy shoes as a form of self expression. This is more than just a commodity for women. Whatever type of shoes that you may be into, remember to consider comfort. Style is great when you plan to put it in your closet but if you plan to wear it, what good can it do when wearing it can be very agonizing.

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