Your Guide In Cleaning Your Pieces of Jewelry

One wears a jewelry not only for confidence but because it can enhance a woman's sexy mood and makes her look a lot more adorable. Many types of jewelry are available today and they are made of different materials.

Some are made of gold, silver, platinum and so on. No matter what it is made of, though, handling these pieces properly does not only retain their sheen but it makes them last longer, too.

Here are a few tips that you can use in taking care of your jewelry:

1. Make sure that before you go to bed, you have taken off all those pieces that you have on even those tiniest pieces.

2. Make sure you choose a jewelry box that is lined with a soft cloth.

3. A tissue or a soft cloth can be a good alternative if you don't have a box to protect your jewelry from scratches or dust.

4. Don't forget to take off your ring when you wash your hands or when handling strong chemicals. Keep your gold jewels away from chlorine because this can cause cracks. A gold jewelry of 18 karats up can resist this damage.

5. Make use of suitable jewelry cleaning agents. There are many cleaning agents specifically made for jewelry. Avoid using chlorine, vinegar, baking soda or any other agents because although these may may those pieces shine, they can diminish the overall integrity of the jewelry.

6. Take off your jewelry and clean it using a soft-bristled brush with lukewarm water to remove sweat and dust after doing a physical activity causing you to sweat.

7. If you do not have a cleaning solution for jewelry, you can use a mild detergent or dilute a small amount of rubbing alcohol with lukewarm water.

But then again, a cleaning solution specifically made for jewelry is always better be cause this will help retain those piece's luster aside from just clean it.

These tips can help you preserve those precious jewels so that you can have it longer. You can even hand it over to the next generation as an heirloom. Strong metals which can last forever if taken cared of are gold, silver and platinum.

However, these types made of these metals don't come cheap. That's why you should not take them for granted and handle them with proper care.

For most women, wearing fashion jewelry is an easy way to try fresh new looks or to perk up your existing wardrobe. Keeping your jewelry looking its best will help keep you look your best too. Fashion jewelry, also known as costume jewelry is commonly made from less expensive materials and adorned with glass, plastic or synthetic stones. Unlike fine jewelry that can be refurbished to like new condition, an item of fashion jewelry that falls into a state of disrepair cannot always be restored. Caring for your accessories regularly and knowing what to avoid will allow you to enjoy your cool vintage piece or your fresh new necklace, bracelet, ring or set of earrings longer.
Taking time out once a month to care for your fashion accessories will keep it in good condition. Simply wipe with a soft cotton cloth to remove any surface dust. Use an extra soft toothbrush to remove any dust or debris that might be hiding in crevices or clasps, don't forget to check between beads if your item has them. Then, simply use the cloth to polish the surfaces. This may be all you need to do to keep your accessories in good shape.

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