Comparing Gold and Silver Jewelry

Gold and silver are two of the most common elements that have been used by people a long time ago and up to the present to make jewelry. They are widely used in the jewelry industry today and even in the past. Though these metals are great in jewelry, how is the other different from the other? What are the advantages?


Today, pieces of silver jewelry is one of the most common kind of jewelry used by a lot of people. These pieces of jewelry come in various foms like silver jewelry, pure silver, sterling or silver plated. It is said that sterling is the best among the three since it can resist tranishing more, it can't be easily scratched and it is the hardest. The third type, silver-plated jewelry, is merely metal shaped into jewelry and coated with a thin coating of silver. These silver plated jewels are great as costume jewelry pieces and they are really cheap.

Toughness and style - Silver jewelry is known for its hardness and capability to withstand normal wear and tear. Silver jewelry is great for one whose work needs to use a lot of force. These pieces also resemble that of white gold jewelry. Today, many designs are available of this type of jewelry that one can choose from. A silver jewelry best suits fair skinned people.

Cheaper than Gold - Even though the silver jewelry is one of the most popular types of jewelry in the market, it is still cheaper compared to gold. And even as it is cheaper than gold, its quality and durability make it a very good alternative.


Gold can preserve is color since it can easily resist tarnishing.

Malleability - Although strong, gold is regarded to be very malleable. It is said that an ounce of solid gold can be flattened to cover an area of up to 300 square feet. Gold can also be made into strands thinner than the average human hair.

Those pointed out are just some differences between these two metals. But those who are passionate about jewelry will find it hard to pick one over the other. These two types of jewelry have their own special qualities that make them beautiful. Whatever one prefers from these two, it can't be denied that both are absolutely interesting fashion accessories.

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