Missing Space Mountain?

You're sad. Frustrated. Bummed. You can't believe that after all that planning, your favorite ride is going to be closed! You've been a Space Mountain junkie all your life, since you were tall enough to walk into that darkened queue line filled with fascinating 1970's 3D holograms. Sigh. What are you going to do?!?

Well, believe it or not, there's lots to do at Disney World, even when Space Mountain is closed. Here are just a few of the many "contingency plans:"

If it's the "Tomorrowland-y-ness" That You Miss...

You can still ride Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin-you're still in Tomorrowland, you're still in a spaceship, and there will likely still be Space Cookies...even if they're just the chips ahoy being eaten by your 4-year-old.

From there, go to Epcot's Future World, where everything's gray and blue on the inside just like Space Mountain. It's dark and sparkly once in a while inside Spaceship Earth, and then you can head over to Mission Space, which actually has the word "Space" in the name (you're practically THERE!).

If it's the "Going Fast" That You Miss...

Well that's no problem at all. While you're in Future World, you can jump onto Test Track, which is slow, boring, and plodding for a while (not unlike the queue line at Space Mountain, come to think of it), and then goes really fast at the end. Yay! Then take the friendship boat over to Disney's Hollywood Studios where you can ride Rock-n-Roller Coaster, Starring Aerosmith-talk about dark, fast, AND gray and blue!

If it's the "It's A Classic" That You Miss...

Even you history-buff-Disney-World-isn't-Disney-World-unless-you-ride-something-built-in-the-1970's folks can still have fun. You have Peter Pan, you have Pirates of the Caribbean, you have "it's a small world," you have Snow White. You even have the teacups! Have a turkey leg, hug a metal palm tree, and head on over to Fantasyland.

If You're a Space Mountain Junkie and There's No Way You Can Enjoy a Vacation Without It...

Go to Disneyland.

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