Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Concierge Accommodations

Where in the USA can you watch from your hotel balcony as giraffe graze on the savanna plain beneath you, listen to an African guide discuss the cultures of his home country, and indulge in an ostrich appetizer all in one day? If you said Walt Disney World, you're right! Specifically, Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando, Florida. 

One of the best ways to experience this authentic, African safari-themed resort hotel is by staying in the exclusive concierge level accommodations-the "Kilimanjaro Club." These lodgings are on the top floors of the main Animal Kingdom Lodge and include regularly-sized rooms, one- and two-bedroom suites, the Royal Kuba Vice Presidential Suite, and the Royal Assante Presidential Suite.

While Animal Kingdom Lodge concierge level accommodations cost a bit more than their standard counterparts (usually around $140 per night more), these rooms include access to the Kilimanjaro Club concierge lounge, which provides complimentary breakfast, high-end snacks throughout the day, receptions for guests, and evening cocktails. Concierge level rooms also provide complimentary turndown service, plush bathrobes, and specialized concierge service, including any needs related to show and restaurant bookings, theme park tickets, reservations, transportation, etc.

Another perk of staying at the Animal Kingdom concierge level is the opportunity to book one of two once-in-a-lifetime experiences: the Sunrise Safari Breakfast Adventure and the Wildlife Discovery Excursion. Both are available to concierge guests for booking and will cost an extra fee.

Sunrise Safari Breakfast Adventure: During the Sunrise Safari Breakfast Adventure, guests are transported to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park for a private ride along the Kilimanjaro Safari ride path. Private guides move the tour along slowly and take extra time to discuss and answer questions about each animal that crosses the safari path, from Thompson's Gazelle, to Reticulated Giraffe, to Elephants, to White Rhinos and more.

When the tour is through, a private breakfast seating is provided within the Animal Kingdom Theme Park for all participants prior to their transportation back to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Wildlife Discovery Excursion: During this one-hour excursion, a Disney Animal Programs staff member is your guide for a (climate-controlled!) tour of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve in Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

The small-group tour helps guests to understand how the Animal Kingdom savannas are maintained and the animals cared for. A portion of all proceeds from the excursion benefit the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund.

While any opportunity to stay at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is a welcome one, staying on the Animal Kingdom Lodge concierge level brings a bit of the extraordinary to your vacation. It's perfect for honeymooners, celebrations, and anyone wanting to make their Disney stay just that much more "magical!"


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