Disney's Contempory Resort Tower or Garden Wing?

Congratulations! You've made a wonderful decision to stay at Disney's Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Now comes the tough question: do you book a room in the Contemporary Tower or in the resort's Garden Wing?

The Contemporary "Tower," is the main, A-frame building that comes to mind when most people think of Disney's Contemporary Resort. However, the resort also has one smaller building, the Garden Wing, which offers beautiful accommodations and shares all of the resort's amenities. The Garden Wing lies about a 3-5 minute walk (along resort walkways) from the Contemporary Tower.

While it can be difficult to decide which section to book, we hope the following pros and cons will make your decision a little easier.

Contemporary Tower

The Contemporary Tower is where most of the resort's amenities are located. If you choose to stay in the tower, you will have the Contemporary's four restaurants, fitness center, front desk and concierge, shopping options, arcade, monorail station, and other amenities just an elevator ride away. You'll also be assured incredible views of either the beautiful natural Bay Lake or Seven Seas Lagoon and the Magic Kingdom theme park. The Tower also holds most of the Contemporary's suites and all of its "club-level" or "concierge-level" rooms.  Additionally, all Tower rooms have balconies.

Garden Wing

Booking a Contemporary Garden Wing Room can be preferable to a Tower Room because it's significantly less expensive while still providing access to all of the resort's deluxe amenities. While the main Tower is a short walk away from the Garden Wing, the room décor is identical and the Magic Kingdom is still only a 10-15 minute walk away. Additionally, Garden Wing rooms have the advantage of having the Contemporary pool and marina and Bay Lake Beach right outside the door. Unfortunately Garden Wing rooms do not have full balconies, though the ground floor rooms do have patios.

The Bottom Line

Basically, both sections of the resort offer fantastic amenities, beautiful accommodations, a great location including the Magic Kingdom just a short walk away, and access to some truly great restaurants. The main decision you have is whether it's worth an extra $50-$150 per night to have a dedicated view and balcony, and to be 5 minutes' walk closer to the restaurants, front desk and concierge, fitness center, monorail station, etc.

We've known many to be happy with both; either choice is a good one!

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