Fun Ways to Prepare for Your Disney Vacation

You've chosen your hotel, booked your theme park tickets, and have your flight tickets. And now you have six more long months until your Disney vacation! So now what? How do you pass the time when you're "too excited to sleep?"

1. Customized maps: Yes, Disney actually does give away some things for free! At's customized maps section, you can design your very own customized maps of Disney World. Input your hotel and favorite theme parks and rides, and the system will do the rest. You can even choose what theme you'd like printed on the maps. In a few weeks, your customized maps will arrive at your home, ready for your vacation! These are great keepsakes and souvenirs-especially for those vacation scrapbooks!

2. Plan your dining: You may think that all the tough decisions have been made-you've got your hotel booked and have chosen from the many ticket options. But guess what-Disney world has dozens of restaurants and eating establishments from which you'll have to choose as well; and sometimes the best of the best book up fast. Visit's planning pages to learn about restaurants, dining plans (yep-there's ways to save money on all that food!), and booking what Disney calls Advanced Dining Reservations (you can do this 90 days prior to your vacation!).

3. Read the guidebooks: If you were going to Thailand, France, or Peru, you'd probably buy a guidebook, right? Well Disney World can be as confusing as a foreign country! Take it from the experts-planning your trip will help to ensure that you have an enjoyable and relaxing vacation (and possibly even keep you from waiting in too many ride lines!). Investing in and reading a guidebook or two will go a long way to helping you understand what to expect. Our favorites are the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World (for in-depth, "tell it like it is" information), and Birnbaum's Official Guide to Walt Disney World (for fun pictures and basic information).

4. Check out forums: Once you've skimmed the guidebooks, and assuming you'd like to ask a few questions, check out some of the many Disney World-focused communities online. There are forums and message boards of all sizes, so you're sure to find one where you feel comfortable.

5. Create a countdown calendar: We know you're more excited than your kids are, but that's OK. You can create a countdown calendar and blame it on them. It's fun to watch the days dwindle until you can leave for your vacation, and you can do an online countdown calendar or a physical one in your home! Just purchase one of those cheap Office Supply store calendars and count down by putting a sticker on each passing day, or create a paper chain countdown with your kids, ripping off another chain link each day!

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