The Law Behind Stun Guns

Stun guns are weapons of self defense that use a shock of electricity to put a person out of action. Taser is the brand name of a manufacturer that is widely popular. In a number of states, including California, possession as well as the sale of these small weapons are allowed by law as long as they not powerful enough to prove lethal to a human being. Policemen and other law enforcement officers have the authority to carry and use them within the bounds of their job.

Weapons for Self Defense

Self defense has become legal in some states that gadgets have been invented for this purpose. Self defense included the use of everyday weapons when the gadgets we see today have not been invented. These weapons have made it possible to remove the necessity of explaining it in the court of law nor the need for the proof. When one uses this self defense weapon, the assumption was that the purpose was for self defense. Though in some cases, it is abused.

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