Personal Improvement

Stand Fast In The Liberty Of Christ.

A bible study on the topic of the liberty of Christ.

Trading Glory For Shame Is Nothing More Than Vanity.

A bible study on the topic of trading glory for shame.

Understanding The Bible: The Secret.

A study of understanding the bible.

Ungodliness And Unrighteousness Of Men.

A study of the bible with the topic of ungodliness and unrighteousness of men.

Walking In The Spirit.

A bible study on walking in the spirit.

We Must Have Faith Like Our Father Abraham.

A bible study on faith like Abraham.

Self Motivation - The Battle

Self-motivation is a constant struggle because our lives are continuously beset by pessimistic thoughts and anxiety about what is to come. Every individual must encounter doubts or worse, even despression symptoms. Looking into this, you will understand how these individual who are always thinking about negative things are different from people who are positive.

A Lesson on Physics and Motivation

We are always anxious because we constantly think about negative thoughts. Because of this, self motivation becomes a struggle. Of course, all of use have faced and will face and must face life struggles. We encounter problems as we continue with our journey, called life. This is what sets the successful people apart.

Effective Self-Motivation

We all aspire for success. For us to achieve this, we need to be motivated. We should be able to get up especially from experiencing a discouraging situation. This is how we can be able to move on and reach our goals.

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