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There are certain states in the country that have legalized self defense and there are even weapons invented just for this purpose alone. Self defense included the use of everyday weapons when the gadgets we see today have not been invented. In a way, the advent of these new weapons of self defense has made it possible to remove the need for an explanation or proof of it in a court of law. When one uses this self defense weapon, the assumption was that the purpose was for self defense. Though in some cases, it is abused.

Let's first define the term before moving on to another topic. Self defense consists of intentionally causing bodily injury or sometimes even death to another person. Killing someone intentionally isn't justified, unless he needed to do it because there was a serious threat on his safety. But if he started the fight, it won't be considered self defense. Causing injuries on another person isn't considered self defense unless he believes that he had to do it to prevent that person from hurting him. Again, it won't be self defense if he himself was the one who started the fight.

Just what are these weapons of self defense we're talking about? There's this device that emits an ear-piercing sound that is supposed to ward off an attacker. A safety pin controls it. When this safety pin comes off, the alarm also goes off and would be heard from a considerable distance, thus warning other people within the vicinity. It could also thwart the plans of a would-be attacker.

Then there's the pepper spray which, when directed to the eyes of the attacker, would temporarily disable his sense of sight and cause irritation on the attacker's mucous membranes.

Another type of spray releases a substance like a dye that won't come off for several days. The purpose of this is to mark the assailant for later identification.

Then there's the stun gun which produces a high voltage electrical charge that shocks the attacker, leaving the attacked person the chance to run. There are different voltages being used. You have to be close enough to the attacker in order to shock him and you have to direct it to exposed skin.

A variation of this is the Taser gun which shoots two darts into the assailant thereby delivering the charge. The difference of a taser gun from a stun gun is that you don't have to be close to the attacker to shock him and the darts can easily pierce the clothes that he is wearing.

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