The Law Behind Stun Guns

Stun guns are weapons of self defense that use a shock of electricity to put a person out of action. Taser is the brand name of a manufacturer that is widely popular. Possession as well as the sale of these small weapons are allowed by law as long as they not powerful enough to prove lethal to a human being in some states like California. Law enforcement officers are authorized to carry and use them within the bounds of their job.

These guns are defined in the California Penal Code as "any offensive or defensive weapons capable of temporary immobilizing a person by the infliction of an electrical charge." Generally, this device is classified in this code as "a less lethal weapon as long as it is designed to stun a person through the infliction of physical pain or discomfort or the impairment of physical condition, function, or senses to a degree that is not fatal."

A Taser gun is different from the regular type by the fact that it shoots two metal spikes that are connected to wires. The user can administer the electric shock at a short distance away from the attacker. While the regular one only has two prongs which the user has to stick to the assailant's body before the electrical charge can pass through. Another type of stun gun uses a liquid medium like water to conduct the electricity to the assailant. This type of stun gun also allows the user to remain a safe distance from the attacker.

Today, many different kinds are made available to the public. Some of them are disguised like everyday objects like a cell phone, a flash light, or a lipstick. This is to deceive potential attackers into thinking that the victim is helpless and unarmed. All the 'victim' has to do is pretend to reach for a 'harmless object' like the lipstick and he or she would have a chance to stun an attacker, hence, buying him or her some time to escape or scream for help.

These guns, sometimes, are coupled with other devices that would form a self defense kit. Hgh decibel alarms are another type of self defense objects that could be heard a long way off. Pepper sprays is another type that is meant to irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose in the process incapacitating the attacker (supposedly, although there are hardened criminals who can tolerate pepper spray).

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