The Jiko Filet Mignon

Jiko is a signature restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando. If you've never been, you have missed out on one of the finest places to eat on Disney property, or even Orlando. Among the favorite dishes at the restaurant is the filet mignon. Unfortunately it is also the source of some controversy as the chefs have made an unfortunate habit of changing it frequently.

The filet is prepared with a red wine sauce and is oak fired. This results in a excellent cut of meat with a fantastic flavor. The problem primarily comes in the sides that are offered with the dish. Disney chefs rotate frequently between restaurants, and unfortunately they have a habit of wanting to do things their own way. While it seems they aren't allowed to actually change the way the filet is prepared, they like to change the sides that it comes with.

While this might not sound like too big of a problem, the most recent iteration of the sides was a heavenly mac and cheese. Gourmet mac and cheese has been a trend among chefs recently, but this one both predates the trend and exceeds most of its rivals. In the last menu change however it was replaced with a potato mash.

Fortunately as of the current writing, the mac and cheese is still available on the kids' menu so you can still special-order the side as a replacement to the mash. I highly recommend this maneuver as the mac and cheese's creamy subtlety is a perfect compliment to the rich taste of the filet.

Since in a previous chef change the coffee rubbed short rib was replaced, the competition for the best dish at Jiko became a clear-cut choice at the restaurant, the only question left is how well you want your meat done and which side you want to accompany it.

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