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Choosing where to stay when visiting Disney World is one of many difficult decisions to be made. It can be especially challenging for those who haven’t visited the resorts before. One of the first decisions you have to make is whether to stay on property or off property.

“On property” resorts are those that are run by Disney itself. There are around twenty of these resorts in Disney World. There are also a few hotels run by other companies that offer the similar benefits to those run by Disney. By staying on property you receive certain benefits that are not available to those staying off property.

Many people think that staying on property will be prohibitively expensive. While Disney World resorts can be very expensive, there is usually an option appropriate for almost any visitor. Disney’s hotels range from deluxe resorts at the high end of the spectrum to value resorts at the lower end. In the middle are moderate resorts. Disney’s value resorts can often be comparable in price to an off-site hotel and can offer many benefits.

Those staying on Disney World property can get several benefits. One of the first you’ll encounter is the Disney Magical Express. The DME as it is often called is a free service for those staying in Disney World hotels. It is a comfortable tour bus that will pick you up at the airport. You don’t even have to wait for your luggage as they will bring that separately. This can be a huge convenience.

Additionally guests at the resorts get access to the parks during Extra Magic Hours. These are times in the park, during which only those guests staying in Disney World resorts have access to the parks. As you can imagine, this can often result in shorter lines. Guests at Disney resorts also get free parking at the theme parks. All of these perks can add up to some serious value.

While there are circumstances in which it might make sense to stay off site, the resorts on Disney property offer many options that can fit most travelers. They can also provide an extra dose of the magic for Disney maniacs.

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