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I’m often asked if I’ve ever stayed at Disney’s “Pop Culture Hotel.” I usually smile and respond that I have, but it’s actually called Disney’s Pop Century Resort. The phrase Pop Culture Hotel however does capture the sentiment of what the resort is all about. 

Disney’s Pop Century is a value level resort. These are the least expensive of the Disney resorts. Moreover it is generally perceived as the nicest of the value resorts, which also includes Disney’s All-Star resorts. While these resorts are very reasonably priced, they still offer all the advantages of staying on-site at Walt Disney World, like free transportation and extra park hours.

Pop Century really is all about pop culture.  The buildings are divided up by decades and are decorated with a wide array of paraphernalia from the appropriate era. The decades range from the fifties through the nineties and are referred to as the Classic Years. There is also a Legendary Years building, which is, as yet, uncompleted. In general each of the Classic Years buildings is very similar, with the decoration making the only significant difference.

During peak season, the rooms at this resort can get as high as $160 per night, they can get as low as $82 per night during value season. You also have the option of paying an additional $15 to get a preferred room. These are the 80’s and 90’s buildings and are closer to the common areas like the food court.

Like the other value resorts, the All-Star resorts, Pop Century is a bit out of the way and takes a bit longer to travel to the parks than some of the other resorts. You will travel by bus and should be able to make it to any of the parks in roughly 20 minutes. Most people usually do not find this unreasonable, especially at the prices Pop Century offers.

The Pop Century resort is a favorite with families who have traveled to Disney World many times. While a neophyte may ask for the Pop Culture Hotel, those of us who have been many times call Disney’s Pop Century our home away from home.

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