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If you have kids, you know that strollers can be cumbersome to pack. Add five days worth of luggage, snacks, and car activities on top of your stroller needs, and you may need to pack another car! Not to worry, though: Disney has you covered. Walt Disney World strollers are available for rental. Now you won’t need to lug around your stroller from home for the 30 minutes of shut eye your child might catch in WDW.

What do you need to know about the awesomeness of Disney strollers? Well let’s take a look!

Two Options

First things first: strollers are available in two ways. You can rent the strollers from an Orlando stroller rental company or from Walt Disney World. The important difference between the two is that Orlando strollers can be rented for your entire visit while WDW strollers are only available for use within Disney World.

What does this mean for your family? Well if you plan to visit multiple parks, you may be better off renting from an Orlando company than from Disney World. You can take the stroller with you wherever you go. So say you go to Disney one day, Epcot the next and end at Universal Studios. In your three day whirlwind visit of all of these parks, you can take the same stroller with you everywhere you go.

However, if you won’t need the stroller any other time than when you visit WDW, you may wish to rent directly from Walt Disney World. These strollers can be rented, used and returned all in one central place, and you don’t have to lug it back to your resort.


Prices for Orlando-based stroller rentals vary by company, but they are similar to the prices of the Walt Disney World Stroller rentals. Both offer single and double strollers, and we’ll take a look at the prices at WDW for both.

Both single and double strollers require a $100 deposit, which is refunded when you return the stroller. The actual prices per day are calculated based on the number of days you wish to rent. One-day rentals cost $15 for single strollers and $31 for double strollers. Rentals for more than one day cost $13 per day for singles and $27 per day for doubles.


If you want to push your kids in style, the Orlando-based stroller rentals may be the way to go. The stylish nylon strollers feature red and orange options, comfy seating and awesome turning capabilities. Of course, the more options you want from your rental, the more cash you’ll have to shell out.

Walt Disney World strollers, on the other hand, can come at better pricing, but the style may suffer slightly. The strollers are built for durability and often come in plain tan and blue plastic designs.

Overall, if you are on your way to Disney for a family vacation, stroller rentals may come in handy. Feel free to leave your cumbersome stroller at home and rent while you enjoy your family fun in the sun.

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