Trading Glory For Shame Is Nothing More Than Vanity.

To trade glory for shame is nothing more than vanity. There are many who walk after vanity today. They trade the glory of God in for sin and shame. They will not walk after the counsel of God. They contemn the counsel of the most high to walk after the vanity of the flesh. They would rather walk in the lusts of the flesh than to seek to please God through faith.

The majority of the world is headed in a crash course with the wrath of God. They walk day to day in their own shame. However, Jesus beckons to them to turn from vanity unto him, the son of the living God. He tells us to buy of him raiment without money and without price that the shame of our nakedness does not appear. Unfortunately, many refuse to give heed to the gospel turning unto vanity. The bible tells us there are many unruly and vain talkers. They can't avoid cursing that stems from their own bitterness and wrath. They have no fear of God before their eyes. They refuse to look upon the face of the glory of God.

They do not realize that God hears those who call upon him that refuse to walk in shame after the vanity of their own mind. We who are saved have one who will watch after us, lead and guide our life. However, the shame of sin covers many while they curse the children of God. All is vanity to them as saith the preacher.

The Lord has set apart him that is godly for himself. The Lord calls us out from among the world that we may be a separate people. That we may be the people of God. We who refuse to walk in the shame of sin have come out from among the world seeking the glory of God.

To escape the vanity of this world, we must offer the sacrifices of righteousness. We must deny the sin and shame that dwells within our flesh. We must allow the glory of God to shine to the world through our life in the spirit. Those who sow to the flesh will reap corruption. Shame will cover their faces. However, they who walk after the spirit will reap everlasting life. We will see the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. We who are saved will deny the flesh with it's affections and lusts while walking after the spirit of God.

The Lord will take care of his people. As the scripture says, he puts joy and gladness in our heart, more than when their corn and wine is increased. We are commanded not to be drunk with wine wherein is excess, but to be filled with the spirit of God. Then, and only then, the glory of God will cover our sin and our shame. Our labor in the Lord is not in vain. We must be steadfast and unmovable always abounding in his work. All else is vanity.

The day spent with the Lord will yield peace in our sleep. We can rest assured that the countenance of God is shining upon us when we refuse to walk after vanity. The Lord only makes us to dwell in safety. We can lie down in peace and sleep. The sleep of a laboring man is sweet. Again, our labor in the Lord is not in vain. Let us not trade his glory for our shame. Let us reap the rewards of righteousness.

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