The Best Muscle Building Breakfast

The question of what the best breakfast is for someone seeking to add muscle mass is not straightforward. The primary variable that determines the answer to this question is: When will your workout be? Of course there is also the question of whether you are doing resistance training at all that day. Additionally, how much fat gain you are willing to accept is another pivotal question.

Fundamentally, if you are trying to gain muscle mass breakfast should assuredly come before your workout. You cannot work out on an empty stomach and expect maximum gains. Your approach to breakfast is similar if you are going to work out soon, but more pronounced.

In general your breakfast should be a fair sized meal and should include slow burning carbohydrates. Fast burning carbs are of little use since you haven’t worked any muscles yet and don’t need to feed them. If you are going to work out soon after the breakfast, you will probably want to eat more calories than if your workout is later in the day. However in either case you want carbs that will deliver steady power, not the short term burst of a simple carb.

Additionally of course you will want protein in your breakfast. Milk can be a good choice because it contains both quickly absorbed proteins that can help replenish any lack you’ve built up over the evening, plus more slowly absorbed proteins that can fuel you throughout the day. Eggs as well are a good choice. 

You will generally want to avoid too much fat. While the calories can be useful in building muscle, fat can make you sluggish and can also mess with your absorption of other nutrients. While you don’t need to seek a fat free breakfast, it should be primarily protein and complex carbs. Some good choices for each group:

Carbohydrates: Oatmeal, whole grain toast, whole grain cereal, sweet potatoes.
Proteins: Milk, Eggs, Lean Meats.

If your workout is sooner, the proportion of carbs in your breakfast should be higher to give you extra fuel for your workout. You can also of course use protein shakes. Both whey and casein can be very useful in adding to your breakfast. If you’re in a hurry a smoothie with both whey and casein as well as oatmeal can be a quick way to get out the door with enough fuel.

Treat your breakfast as a foundation that will keep you fueled and energized for the rest of the day.

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