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Choose the Right Prom Dress

Do you think school is lackluster? Definitely NOT! You'll surely have the time of your life during your Prom Night. Have you considered what dress to wear on that memorable day in your high school life? Here are effective tips to help you which type of cute dresses would best fit you :

Difference Between Shoes For Fashion and For Function

Shoes have always been a big part of people's lives, right from the time they started using them for protection up to now when footwear is mostly used as fashion items.

Fabulous Shoes For Women

Shoes are every girl's addiction. You can have ten to twenty pairs of shoes but when a new trend in shoes comes out in the market, you know you just have to buy one of those pairs. Some even buy one style of shoes in different colors. Sometimes, the choice gets difficult because there are many types of shoes out there.

How To Pick The Right Outfit for Summer '10

Our daily clothes, especially those that we wear for hours, can be either comfortable or uncomfortable. The clothes we wear can brighten our day or can ruin our whole day. Thus, it is important to choose clothes that are comfortable.

What To Look For When Shopping for Earrings

Having the latest accessories or the most expensive accessories don't make one hip and trendy. Accessories are more than that. There are little details that you must look into in accessories and if the details don't fit you, then you better avoid wearing that kind of accessories.

The Remake of Speedy

During the 30s, the Speedy handbag was introduced by Louis Vuitton and was designed to meet the needs of the modern travel. Thus, it was called the Express, quickly earning the name Speedy when its shape had been further streamlined.

Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes

Most of us know Imelda Marcos, former first lady of the Philippines, who is fond of collecting extravagant shoes. She was able to collect tons of shoes that one woman can wear different pair for the entire year. But every woman must admit that deep inside her is an Imelda that craves for shoes, sandals and boots. This is something that can make a woman feel complete. A black dress without a pair of stilettos is like a hearty meal without a yummy desert. Shoes simply makes every woman feel like a princess.

Basic Attire to Wear to a Corporate Party

When you are one of those already a part of the managerial ladder or of the work force, a lot of exposure is expected much from you. Your job is not limited to your job per se with regards to your skills or qualifications.

Custom Jewelry - Get The Jewelry That You Have Been Dreaming Of

Giving jewelry as a gift is very special but it can become even more special when it is customized. A custom-made jewelry not only has the material but also all the thoughts and wishes of the one giving it. The one receiving the jewelry can feel that the ring was specially made from her and her alone.

Your Guide In Cleaning Your Pieces of Jewelry

One wears a jewelry not only for confidence but because it can enhance a woman's sexy mood and makes her look a lot more adorable. Many types of jewelry are available today and they are made of different materials.

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