What To Look For When Shopping for Earrings

Accessories are more than just a fashion statement. Many people believe that if they have the latest accessories or if they have the most expensive accessories, then they are already hip and trendy. However, accessories have little details that can affect your whole image. Therefore, you must look into each details and if these details don't fit you, then avoid wearing that.

One of the things you should consider when buying accessories is the shape of your face. What earrings to wear would also depend, aside from your facial shape, on the occasion. Formal occasions are fit for glittery dangling jewelry while casual occasions call for studs.

Below are tips that you can use when accessories shopping:

1. Oval shape - This is the classic facial shape which most beauty queens have. The forehead, with a round hairline, is wider than a slightly rounded chin and cheekbones are dominant. Anyone with this facial shape can wear all types of jewelry designs.

2. The cheeks having the greatest width is said to have a round shaped face. Those who have round shaped face are advised to wear something that has elongated designs. Earrings which are square, oblong, rectangle, and angular are good for this type of facial shape, too. Large, circular earrings and hoops should be avoided.

3. Triangular or heart-shaped - This face is wide at the forehead and cheekbones. The cheeks narrow down towards a pointed chin. This shape is enhanced with dangling oval earrings or ovals with one bottom wider than the other. Avoid using narrow sharp ends at the bottom of an earring.

4. Forehead has a similar width as the jaw is said to be a Square shaped. Earrings that fit this type of facial shape are the medium-sized round ones and those with soft corners like teardrops. Earring shapes to be avoided are large, square, and angular.

5. Rectangle shape - This facial shape is long. Earrings that minimize the length of the facial structure are those which are wide, short and curvy. Earrings to be avoided are those that are long, angular and dangling.

6. Diamond shape- This is similar to a heart shape. The face has a broad forehead with a square hairline, and the cheekbones are wider than the forehead. Earrings should be straight or with wider and longer curves.

When one accessorizes, she has the goal of flaunting some of her assets or perhaps concealing some of flaws. Therefore, choosing one that will fit you perfectly is crucial.

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