Making Flapper 1920's Dresses

When you look at women today, you will see women of different ages wearing different kinds of accessories like shoes, jewelry, sandals and others. Today, women find it very easy to look good because of the many developments especially when it comes to beauty enhancement products like soaps, lotions, cosmetics and many more. But what can really make a woman beautiful is the dress that she's wearing.

Today, there are many styles of dresses that a woman can wear. She can pick out styles from casual, sporty, glam and many more. If you take a look at what's being worn by many women considered to be fashion icons today, you'll find the flapper dress.

These are the dresses that were introduced during the early 20s. However today, these dresses are worn by a new breed of women. After enduring years of torturous corsets and long manes which were becoming too inconvenient, they started to wear skirts and cut their hair into bobs.

Flapper dresses are usually straight in design, loose around the waist which dropped to the hips and sleeveless. These dresses are usually worn with stockings help up using garters. By the year 1927, the flapper dress was worn just below the knee.

You can make your own flapper dress by following the guidelines below:

1. Pick out the pattern that you want for your flapper dress.

2. You can ask someone's help to measure your waist, bust, hip, back waist length, front waist length, shoulder-to-bust, shoulder length, back width length, arm length, upper arm and shoulder-to-elbow. When you have finished taking the proper measurements, you should now determine the pattern size that best suits your measurements.

3. You can make a few adjustments. You can start by making a test dress first. So that you can make one that perfectly suits you, you can put on the dress while you are on the process of sewing the test version.

4. Finalize your pattern. You can start taking the part of the test version and use it to substitute the original pieces once you see that everything is complete. However, you need to put on the dress first before finishing so that you will see if there are parts that need to be adjusted. But when everything is good, do the hems and add details that you want.

Voila! You now have your own flapper dress. To make it look vintage, make sure to wear a long pearl necklace or a beaded necklace with it.

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Dying to have your very own flapper clothing ? You're not alone! Many women celebrities have turned their fashionable eyes into these clothing. You can accentuate it by wearing one of the 1920's hairstyles and look stunningly vintage.

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