Wilderness Lodge Restaurants

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is an amazing bit of Imagineering in the Magic Kingdom area of Walt Disney World. While the restaurant has many noteworthy characteristics, like it’s fantastic architecture and amazing exhibits from the Pacific Northwest, one of the most alluring components of the resort are the dining options. In fact the restaurants at the Wilderness Lodge are some of the most impressive on Disney property.

Disney World’s amusement parks, like the Magic Kingdom, offer a great many shows and rides, however one shouldn’t overlook its further entertainment that is only available in the resort hotels. A tremendous magnitude of energy and time is invested in its hotels and their design. As a result it should not surprise patrons that these resorts offer an impressive array of decorations, costumes and many other fascinating options to dazzle. The Wilderness Lodge is in many ways an attraction in its own right.

The dining options at the Wilderness Lodge are in fact the icing on the cake. Whether you want the ultimate in fine dining at Artist Point, or an amazing, raucous experience at the Whispering Canyon Café, there’s something for everyone in the Wilderness Lodge. The service at Artist Point is amazing, and at Whispering Canyon Café it is…notable as well. There is also a quick service restaurant, Roaring Fork, where guests can pick up a quick bite to eat if they don’t have time for the amazing experiences offered in the table service restaurants.

Regardless of whether you’re staying at the Wilderness Lodge, or merely visiting to sample some of the Lodge’s excellent restaurants, you are in for quite an experience. Don’t hesitate to make the Wilderness Lodge part of your Disney vacation and be sure to include some of the Wilderness Lodge restaurants in your plans. You won’t regret spending some time in Disney’s take on the American Northwest.

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