The Real Magic Of Women's High Heels

Both men and women would love to look good. However, looking good does not only mean physical beauty but we are talking about feeling good emotionally and mentally as well. It is a fact that when we look good, we tend to have a more positive outlook and we become happier. Though there is more to happiness than looks itself, it sure is one of the easiest ways to be happy.

Though men and women both would love to look good, this is actually more of a woman's concern especially when it comes to the clothes that they put on. Of course, part of the things that women wear are shoes. And those really high heeled shoes will surely give them more confidence. Of course, those heels are not only to increase a woman's height. Below are a few reasons why women love wearing heels:

They look and feel taller.

Obviously, women who wear high heels will surely feel taller even up to 6 inches. This is very helpful for those who want to add to their height or are not confident being short. When women feel tall, they feel more attractive. Most women will also feel professional, in good shape and of course, smart.

They become proud about their legs.

High heels help women's legs look slender and better shaped. Women who like to wear short skirts are advised to wear high heels to help make their legs look longer and more beautiful. Also, doing so will help a woman's legs look shapelier .

It makes them feel in vogue and in style.

Wearing high heels gives women a very stylish look overall and adds charm to the way women walk, thus, making them grab more attention from people.

Wearing these shoes all the time is not good. There are times when wearing these pair of shoes is not advisable. The following are some places and situations where flats or sneakers may be better:

a. Women are not advised to wear heels at the office since this can make them less productive. It has been said that every year, because of women wearing high heels, 2 millions working days are lost because of foot related problems.

b. Slippery floors

c. Pregnancy - These shoes are not also suggested for pregnant women as they may cause falls.

b. Obesity - The shoes are not also suggested for obese women and those who have arthritis. Obese women are not recommended to wear high heels simply because the process could cause great discomfort due to their weight.

High heels, without a doubt, make women look more beautiful because they look taller and they look smart. If you love heels, be aware that it's not always safe to wear them daily. Understand that there are instances where in it's not advisable to wear them.

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