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Shoes are every girl's addiction. You can have ten to twenty pairs of shoes but when a new trend in shoes comes out in the market, you know you just have to buy one of those pairs. Some even buy one style of shoes in different colors. Sometimes, the choice gets difficult because there are many types of shoes out there.

If you want to know what makes one type of shoe different from another, read on.

1. Pumps- These shoes are a classic. They were first seen in the fashion industry in the early 1500's. Women of all ages can wear pumps for any special occasion or on ordinary days. These shoes have flat heels and are best work with a pencil cut skirt, a dress or jumpers. These days there are a variety of pump shoes with different colors and materials to suit any outfit.

2. Stilettos- These shoes give a woman a distinct, classy and elegant look. This is the perfect addition to any outfit. Stilettos make women look taller because they emphasize their legs. These can be worn during formal occasions like a corporate dinner party or in a wedding.

3. Boots- Boots aren't only for the winter season. You can wear them even is not only the type of shoe you wear during winter season. You can wear this even on warm days when you want to look hot in style. You just have to be sure that your entire outfit looks great with the boots. If you're not comfortable wearing these shoes, you can use socks to make you more comfortable.

4. Open toe shoes- These shoes can either be high-heeled or flat. You can wear them with your Sunday dress or anything informal. These days, even kids can wear open- toe shoes. Sometimes, they have straps attached to them but these are usually detachable. That leaves the girls an option whether or not to use the straps.

5. Sandals- Sandals are great because they are convenient and can be worn with almsot any outfit. These can also be worn daily. There are sandals that have elegant designs that you can wear on formal occasions.

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