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School is everything but boring. Don't you think so? Definitely NOT! You'll surely have the time of your life during your Prom Night. Have you considered what dress to wear on that memorable day in your high school life? Check out the tips below to know which type of cute dresses would best fit you:

1. Mini Dress- This type of dress is suitable for those girls who are petite, skinny, has a small frame of body and those who have athletic figure. Wearing a mini dress will flaunt the figure of your body. Color is the key factor to remember when choosing a mini dress.

The color you will choose should compliment your skin tone, accessories and eye color. it is a definite fashion mistake to use more than three colors at a time. You can choose a black and white mini dress if you want to use big accessories like a chunky gold or silver necklace paired with a dangling or loop earrings. If you opt to use a red or eye-catching pink mini dress, you have to minimize on your accessories.

Wearing accessories is okay but make sure you won't look over the top. If you want to look cute and chic you can use a peach halter mini dress, this color is not boring but it is also not too loud. Therefore, you can use any accessories with this. Whatever type of mini dress you are wearing do not forget to pair it with a good pair of stilettos. It adds heights and femininity.

2. Strapless Skirt Dress- Any body size can wear this type of dress. This is a true masterpiece for those who have broad shoulders since you can flaunt your shoulders and well-tone arms. For those who does not want to show off more body skin you can wear it with a shawl and voila! Looking pretty does not depend on how much skin you show.

Prom is supposed to be about having fun. So whatever dress you plan to wear for your prom night, make sure that you have fun. Three things you need to remember on Prom Night: have fun, know your limitations and do not cross the borderline.

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