Basic Attire to Wear to a Corporate Party

Those who are members of a corporation and part of the management team, you will surely be exposed to a lot of different things that are of course part of what is expected from you. In the corporate world, managerial people's job won't be limited to their skills or their qualification. They need to socialize with other business people in the industry. Sometimes, they are required to attend conferences, seminars or join a coporate gathering. These activities can hone your peoples skills and can help you be a more open minded person who is down to earth.

Corporate parties enable you to be on the spotlight away from your daily office table or cubicle. It allows you to wear something which gives you that formal look while having a free time. There is still that certain style one wears to such parties. The hints below will guide you on your choice of attire for a corporate party:

For women:

1. Make sure that you wear something that is below the knee.

2. Dresses with sleeves are still preferable.

3. Don't use anything that is see through.

4. It's safe to wear shirts that are silk and has collar.

5. You can also wear black slacks which is very stylish and elegant.

6. Accessorize with stud earrings, a simple wristwatch, and a one-chain necklace with a miniature pendant.

7. If you bring a bag, bring a medium sized sling bag or a small cluth bag.

8. Now, your shoes. Wear a pair that can enhance your personality. The pair of shoes you will be using can either give or remove your poise as you face those other corporate businessmen. Thus, make sure that you choose the size, design, color and quality that will be fit to wear in a corporate affair and can complement your attire.

For men:

1. Wearing a polo shirt or long sleeved shirts with collar and dark colored are preferable.

2. Pair it with a any dark colored slacks.

3. If you choose to wear accessories, you can wear a wrist watch or a plain ring.

4. Shoes are black with a strong statement. That is, quality in material and craftsmanship must be visible in its image.

The tips mentioned above may seem trivial but they can give you the boost you need to improve your corporate image.

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