Getting That Hollywood Glam With A Bob

For many decadeds now, bobs have actually been around. This started during the 20s when women became more liberated. Women became more adventurous and they changed their hairstyles from having long, wavy locks to really short hairstyles. Those with bobs tended to be more confident because of its stylish and sophisticated look. More essentially, the hairstyle made the women prouder for the freedom they gained during this decade.

Though bobs are still trendy these days, their connection to autonomy for women is far. If you're considering getting this hairstyle, check out who's wearing it in Hollywood and maybe get a few tips:

Katie Holmes

There are two things that you have to consider to get this hairstyle. First, you need to have really straight hair so if you have those curls or waves, get them straightened by a hairstylist using a hair iron. You can instruct your stylist to cut your hair along the length of your jaw. Your hair should look like its hugging your face from your jaw upwards. You should have your hair layered to the shape your face and cut shorter at the back.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Those who have a squarish jawline like Gwyneth Paltrow, you can still pull this hairstyle off. Those who have curls and waves can also have bobs, too, by straightening their hair first and cut it shoulder legnth.

Nicole Ritchie

Nicole's long bob with sweet side swept bangs looks good on all facial shapes. By cutting your hair up to the base of your neck, you can easily get this. Your bangs should be eye level but swept to one side.

Chelsea Hobbs

Chelsea's is similar to Katie's but hers is much softer on the edges and she has longer bangs layered with less volume. The length goes just below the jaw line but with subtle layering.

Though this hairstyle is famous for celebrities, you can still pull this off. What are you waiting for? Get the feeling of liberation by getting the best bob that looks good on you.

There are lots of things to consider when deciding on a new hairstyle, and copying the latest celeb trend is not always advisable. And it is important to know when a new trend is on the horizon or when an old one needs to fade into the sunset. Remember, trends can be quick to come and go, and you do not want to be stuck with an outdated look.
When going for a new look, think about your personality-is it classy and sophisticated, sporty and chic, or glamorous and bold? Here are several trends, or looks, to help you identify your style and take you from work to the gym to going out.
The world of beauty is constantly changing. It seems that once you start to like a certain color, fragrance, or look, something new comes along. Even if you're someone who likes to try new beauty products as soon as they hit the market, you probably don't want to spend all your time finding something new to love or hunting down the latest "it" product. So how do you even begin to keep up with the latest trends in beauty products? The answer is a mix of research and keeping your eyes peeled!

In the desire of wanting to change our hairstyle we can make some hasty decisions that can affect both the health of our hair but also the way we look. If you are considering getting a hair perm then you should talk to a specialist first or at least see what information you can find on the Internet.
Long or short, soft or thick curls are and have been trendy for many years. But for someone with straight hair this trend may be out of reach. So, in order to come to the rescue of those that desperately wish to have wavy hair specialists have created the hair perms. A perm is a chemical process that radically changes the normal shape of the hair follicle. This means that this chemical breaks the hair code and changes it so that the texture becomes different.
There are two types of hair perms: hot or cold. But no matter which one you choose you have to make sure that the one that does it knows exactly what he/she is doing. The reason why so many hair perms go bad is because people use the wrong size rollers, the hair is not completely cleaned after the process or the solution is left either too long or not long enough.
The reality is that the hair gets damaged either way so one should really give this another thought. If you don't want to have problems with your hair then you should take into consideration some other options. There are the hot rollers that can create the same effect and are not so damaging on the structure of the hair. And also you can opt for a clip-on extension. They actually come in a large variety of shapes and lengths and the hair doesn't need do undergo some dangerous chemical process.

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1920's clothing is full of fun and girl power and reminiscent of women during that decade when they unleashed this power through their hairstyles and clothing. Good thing is, both 1920's hairstyles and fashion are in again.

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