Guidelines in Taking Care of Your Car

You may find two or more cars in your neighbor's garage if you try looking around your neighborhood. You might wonder, how do they make their cars last long? Here are some of the basic tips to take care of your car:

Change Oil - Changing your car's oil is very important for a car's machinery system. Professionals recommend changing every 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers of distance traveled. When you don't change oil regularly, you can expect your car to break down every once in a while.

Fluids - Have your brake, transmission and power steering fluids checked regularly and make sure you refill as necessary.

Proper Tire Inflation - Your cars need to be inflated up to a certain pressure is important. Your car will run much slower than the speed it was created for if you have an under inflated tires. To know whether you have an under inflated tires or not, you can do a test yourself. The first thing you have to do is draw a line across the wheel using a piece of chalk on the part that touches the ground. Let the car roll off, with the wheel spinning 2-3 times. Your tire is over-inflated if most of the chalk has been erased from the center. But if it's the chalk marks on the sides that have thinned, then your tire is under-inflated chalk it is worn off more on the sides then it is under-inflated. Also, if your car is under-inflated, it will consume more gasoline.

Batteries and Cables - Make sure that you check your car's batteries and cables on a regular basis. It is important to check your car's batteries as these provide power to your car for turning on your headlights, honking the horn and other energy-consuming functions. You will be in danger if your car runs out of batteries while you are on the road.

Wires - Check your car's wiring and take note of those peeled wires. Your car's electronic system will malfunction and can even cause it to stop while you're in transit if you have peeled wires. This is very dangerous.

Air Filter - Change your air filters regularly. Though many people would only change their filters once after changing oil twice, this is wrong. It would be better if you would change your air filter every time you change your car's oil.

Window Cracks - It is not a good practice to leave cracks on your windows unfixed. It can always grow larger over time no matter how tiny those cracks are. If you find a crack on your windshield or any of your car windows, have it repaired right away.

Though these steps can be very easy, following these can actually maintain your car's good condition.

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