The Remake of Speedy

Speedy handbag by Louis Vuitton first came out during the early 30s. This creation was made to cater to the needs of travelers. It was called the Express and then was changed to Speedy when its shape was made more modern.

For this time of year, "Neo-Speedy" comes in waxed calf leather, in gray or taupe, with a single top handle and a neat flap held in place by the gold S-lock, a hint of suggestion to Louis Vuitton trunks, which, for the first time, is in part covered in leather.

It can also come in alligator skin with a vintage finish, handmade of course, and is part of the collections downcast color palette of off white, taupe, anise or khaki.

The "Neo-Speedy" is part of the collection of Extraordinaire bags. Each product is the work of excellent craftsmanship utilizing the finest and rarest of materials.

Dainty handbag in duchesse satin overlaid with guipure lace, woven from LV initials and monogram flowers, and trimmed with a flap and handle that is made out of alligator skin are also part of the Extraordinaire bags.

Another part of the collection remakes LVs historical Damier motif. This is a bag, with its body loaded with sequins glittering, has a flap made out of alligator skin. Each scale is painted by hand to make the more than usually recognizable checkerboard model.

The Damier happens again in what is the season's most huggable rendition-a melange of fluffy fox fur, in black and gray or beige and brown combinations. Other key themes tap the monogram. The emblematic pattern featured in burgundy or gray coated jacquard on two flap bags, one with a removable shoulder strap, the other stretched from East to West, and both with tonal patent leather trim.

A metallic monogram jacquard theme in silvery gray draws attention to a handbag and a clutch with flaps made out of ostrich skin, handles made out of mink fur and trimming made out of alligator skin. When the archetypal Monogram Speedy puts in an appearance, its iconic canvas is flocked and sequined, mirroring the richly worked spirit of the collection.

You can opt for a simpler but still extraordinary substitute like a doctor's bag in grained calf leather which can be in blac or powder pink with two handles, a frame and the distinctive LV initials that are stitched in one corner of the bag.

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